Biblical Family Ministries was founded with the absolute conviction that Bible truth can solve the growing problems of broken and divided homes with all the accompanying heartache. The Bible's teachings on marriage, family, and child training are to be honored as timeless truths revealing God's perfect plan and must not be cast aside as cultural or archaic.  If you are one of the countless families struggling today, you, too, can find  answers, hope, and assurance of God's plan for you and your family in the Bible!

God’s Word has the answer for you!

We live in a day when manhood is under attack. To be manly is disparaged. The world seems to be diminishing men, while God calls on them to be strong godly leaders in every area of society. To watch certain ads might suggest a man is incapable of purchasing a car, investing for the future, evaluating an insurance plan or even knowing how to read properly. 

No Man should succumb to such ideas or recoil from his God given role. In creation, God gave Adam the position of leader, while Eve was created to be his helper. The woman is by no means a second class citizen or second class Christian, but her highest calling is to stand by a man, walk by his side and encourage him to live a life and testimony worthy of her support and assistance. 

A man needs to know God, love God, serve God and seek the will of God for his earthly life. God looks for such men and is pleased to use them for His glory. Nothing is more exciting for a Christian man than to sense that God has a specific purpose for his life and then surrender his own will in search of that plan. Who knows what God might do with a life fully yielded to Him? 


While all BFM materials are available on a donation basis. We suggest a donation of $13.00 to cover the book and mailing.